IT Support & Maintenance Services

Bridgenet is an End-to-End IT solutions provider for all your business IT needs, ranging from analysis to implementation and more.

We provide solutions with the aim of safeguarding important information.

Such as intellectual properties and sensitive user data safe from prying eyes through constant monitoring as well as seamless hardware and software integrations.


As an IT support company, we can aid in the active management of your business’s IT security acting as backup for your existing security measures, device monitoring, or alerting against modern cybersecurity threats.


Using process analysis, we’ll identify your business’s needs and tailor our services accordingly to help you maximize operational efficiency and security while reducing overall costs in the long run.

Support Maintenance & Services Key Features

24/7 IT Helpdesk Support

If your business encounters any IT-related issue, we will be available to provide around-the-clock support until the problem has been resolved. If needed, we will escalate the issue to a relevant department for analysis by an expert in that field.

Remote Engineer Assistance

Our engineers are always on standby to offer assistance remotely to help resolve IT-related issues through platforms like Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx etc.

Onsite Engineer Assistance

A subject matter expert will be sent to your premise to provide onsite support when necessary.

Preventative Maintenance

We will perform preventative maintenance to ensure that your business network and cybersecurity solutions are always in optimal condition to alleviate or completely negate production downtime due to IT-related problems.

Advance hardware replacement

In the event of a hardware failure, our dedicated team swiftly replaces the faulty equipment, minimizing downtime and keeping your business running smoothly.

24/7 round-the-clock support

Our flexible maintenance and support contracts enable us to meet all your IT needs.

No matter your security requirements or if you’re project based, Bridgenet Solutions ensures that your implemented IT security solutions are perfect for your business.

Scenario specific IT support services

Protecting against malware and cybersecurity threats

Hardware Maintenance

Network Monitoring

Software Maintenance

Support for any
connectivity outage

Assistance with server-related issues


An IT support company contains a large number of IT experts that are able to build, maintain, secure, and repair IT hardware and software that are crucial to your business operations.

While most IT services are managed in-house, commonly outsourced services include:

  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Helpdesk and Technical Support
  • Security Monitoring & Network Operations
  • Network and Security Services

We provide highly trained, experienced, qualified, and certified engineers that are able to provide a wide range of IT services.

Because of that, you don’t have to invest your business’s resources in developing new infrastructures, hiring, and training new IT personnel, reducing overall cost and risk in the long run.

Our Other Services


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