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Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers – 2016

Protecting enterprise assets is critical in an evolving business landscape, as enterprises eminently rely on technology–enabled platforms for agil- ity and rapid growth. Today, security measures are often overlooked until some security breach occurs in an organization, disrupting the business productivity and revenue. As hackers get more and more sophisticated, en- terprises have to incorporate enterprise security and risk management services that help minimize risks, address threats, ensure regulatory compliance, manage security operations, and proactively protect critical information infrastructure. Comprehending the sophistication of security threats in the current digital era, enterprises across different do- mains offer enterprise security solutions that address…

Bridgenet Solutions, The Network and Security Expert

By Anand J.S As enterprises underestimate the cohesion and sophistication of virtual crime network, repeatedly, security breaches occur in an organization disrupting the productivity and brand reputation. Today, the need for enterprise security has become apparent with continuous attacks and has led to a situation of uncertainty-where enterprises strive to find a proficient enterprise security solution provider who can ensure security of their organization. Meanwhile, companies that offer enterprise security are more focussed on fully network and security integrated solution rather than conventional product selling only. Having identified the pulse of the market, Keane Leong, Chong Chee wai, Loy Kuang Haow, and…