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Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers – 2016

Protecting enterprise assets is critical in an evolving business landscape, as enterprises eminently rely on technology–enabled platforms for agil- ity and rapid growth. Today, security measures are often overlooked until some security breach occurs in an organization, disrupting the business productivity and revenue. As hackers get more and more sophisticated, en- terprises have to incorporate enterprise security and risk management services that help minimize risks, address threats, ensure regulatory compliance, manage security operations, and proactively protect critical information infrastructure.

Comprehending the sophistication of security threats in the current digital era, enterprises across different do- mains offer enterprise security solutions that address the security risks and help security operations in an effective manner to enhance their own business network. In addi- tion, these solutions can also offer a well managed secu- rity, vulnerability management, data and information pro- tection and privacy, managed security operation centre,

and fraud management and digital forensics. While ben- efits of these solutions help protect the critical information assets of the organization even if the IT systems expand to several social medias, they also provide cost effective response that helps organizations to quickly detect the in- cidents and act on it as fast as possible in order to ensure better protection against all kinds of security breaches. Therefore, enterprises security solutions have such an imperative role in the current scenario and today, many companies in the APAC region offer Enterprise security as their primary service.

The current edition of APAC CIOoutlook presents to you the “25 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers”. The list intends to bring some of the most prominent organizations who are capable of leading their clients towards accomplishment beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aids the companies to compre- hend the best industry leaders which are at the forefront of providing reliable enterprises security services of the highest calibre.